April 2007

Ropley Village Design Statement has received final approval from EHDC and the completed document has been posted in the downloads section of this website.

January 2007

Acrobat file of draft 5.5 added - minor text changes, one photo changed, navigation improvements - this version submitted to EHDC for final approval.

November 2006

Acrobat file of draft 5.4 added - this version submitted to EHDC for approval.

June 2006

Acrobat file of draft 5.2 added - most sections in final layout. Some general verbage to be added.

August 2005

Acrobat file of draft 4 added - bulk of document is fleshed out. Some fine tuning, layout adjustments and comments need work.

March 2005

Acrobat file of latest draft version added - several sections complete and awaiting final review.

February 2005

Most sections of VDS in advanced draft stage. Text close to final, photos taken. One section “The Built Environment” added to site as Acrobat file.

November 2003

An online version of Miss Hagen’s 1929 book “Annals of Old Ropley” is available on this site. It can be accessed at to go directly to that part of the site. The book will open in a new window.